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  Hikmah Info Services provides offshore software services and information technology consulting for software product and application development.

Our IT consultancy solutions help companies to

  • reduce costs
  • stay flexible
  • increase quality, service levels, performance and ROI
  • make informed decisions
  • exploit unexpected and emerging opportunities speedily
  • meet sudden business challenges rapidly

IT Consulting

Hikmah Info Services offers IT Consulting Services that help organizations to leverage information technology to boost business agility and remain competitive.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

Our IT Consulting solutions include flexible staffing options that help an enterprise stay mean and change fixed overheads into variable costs. This means that skilled specialists can be brought in on a project basis to expand your company’s team to deliver specific solutions. They can provide valuable inputs at critical phases in your project and dramatically improve the outcomes.

Hikmah Info Services consultants can work offshore as an extension of your core team or work onsite alongside your team for specified durations of time. Your company will reap the benefits as these employees are not on your payroll and yet you have access to their expertise on a project-wise, phase-wise or monthly basis.

Offshore Recruitment

We can also locate the right talent offshore for your requirements. We handle the entire process from sourcing, screening, assessment and management of interviews to evaluation, selection, hiring and placement of candidates, either on-site, offshore or a combination of both locations. You get access to talent, quality, performance, knowledge of up-to-date technology and bottom line benefits.

Project Lifecycle Consultancy

You can utilize our technology consultancy strengths for the complete project life-cycle, or for a specific phase, i.e.:

  • requirement analysis & consulting
  • software development services
  • application integration services
  • reengineering and web-enabling legacy applications
  • maintenance & support
  • testing

Formulating strategies for business-focused IT

Our IT consultants are highly experienced professionals who apply their industry insight to complex business problems. They deliver practical, realistic, lean IT strategies that cut waste, enhance quality and performance, increase ROI and work harder towards achieving your business goals. Their capabilities encompass the following areas:

  • Offshore Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization
  • Compliance
  • Technology Advisory and Adoption Services
  • Security and Risk Management Solutions

Skill Sets

Programming Languages

  • Microsoft ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MS Visual Basic & VC++
  • C, Borland C++, Visual C++, MFC, ATL, STL, OWL, SQL
  • HTML, XHTML, XML, DHTML, PHP, Ruby, ColdFusion, ASP, JSP
  • Java Script, VB Script, VBA, Action Script, Perl, Python, CGI
  • Java, J2EE, J2ME, Servlets, Basic, Power Builder, UNIX Shell Programming


  • Windows .Net, Win32 API (incl. shell API, Inter-process Comm)
  • Java, J2EE, J2ME, Servlets, JDBC
  • HTML, XHTML, XML, DHTML, PHP, Ruby, ColdFusion, ASP, JSP
  • TAPI, SAPI, MAPI, TCP/IP, Sockets, WAP, DirectX, OpenGL


  • MS SQL Server, Sybase, MySql, Firebird, Microsoft Access
  • Oracle (PL/SQL), PostGreSQL (PL/pgSQL), IBM DB2

Platforms and Operating Systems

  • MS Windows NT / 95 / 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista , Win CE
  • Unix OpenBSD/FreeBSD/NetBSD, Solaris
  • Linux RedHat/Mandrake/Debian, RTOS, Embedded Linux

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Technology: .Net Framework 1, .Net Framework 2.0 | SQLServer 2000 | Asp, Asp.net1.1, ASP.net 2.0 | Web Services | XML Web Services | XML
MS Access | Crystal Reports, (Northwoods Go Web Control, Obout easy menu, Obout Calendar, Obout Tree view) | C#, C#.Net | VB.net